Script reading with lucy hay.

Feedback for Script Reading with Lucy V Hay Summer 2023 (via Zoom)

Breaking into script reading.

‘Lucy is so informative and charismatic, that it is impossible not to be drawn in, engaged and educated whilst being entertained the whole time. Truly an inspiration!’
Michael Brand // Writer, actor and filmmaker

‘Lucy has over the years amassed so much knowledge and expertise, coupled with her personal experience in the industry, that this course provides so much content to absorb and act upon. Her delivery of the online course was excellent, as I participated live – online. She is a no holds barred Tutor!!. Will definitely recommend her to my associates in the industry’
Taraq Qureshi // Filmmaker

‘This course gave invaluable info on script coverage, getting a job as a script reader, the film industry, and the craft of writing screenplays. An added bonus that I did not fully realize until the end of the course was that it forced me to seriously dissect several scripts, a practice I’ve been needing to get into as someone who wants to one day write my own sellable screenplays.’
Caleb // Writer

‘Brilliant course. I feel a lot of academic creative courses don’t tend to be as practical and insightful as Lucy’s! I also loved the Lucy’s ethos of nurturing writers through compassionate but constructive feedback and championing diversity in writers and writing. Lucys offered really practical suggestions about how to get into the industry. As Lucy said ‘If you can’t get in through the door, try the window!’
Sarah Simpson // Writer

‘Lucy is so approachable, completely down-to-earth and deliciously funny at times. She manages to cover an enormous amount of material while keeping it understandable, and we walk away with a portfolio of useful information, tips and ‘next steps’ advice to implement. What I’ve learned on the course really will help me to equip myself with the skills (and the confidence) to offer my services as a script reader and script editor.’
Linda Duncan McLaughlin // Screenwriter

‘The workshop was incredibly informative with lots of valuable, helpful and well-structured information. Lucy is an amazing host!’
Irina Bayly // Writer

‘Lucy’s infectious knowledge of the craft shines and inspires. She offers great insight, knowledge and enthusiasm, making the course compelling and informative. Lucy’s finger on the pulse made the course a must do in order to be ahead of the game.’
Richard Pengelley // Writer / Director

‘LUCY WAS GREAT! I invited a friend to join the course and she also enjoyed it and it helped her to know how to move forward within the development space – she’s new to film. I also felt encouraged to re strategise, which I needed.’
Timothea Assem-Koffie // Distributor

‘I enjoyed how informative the workshop was. Lucy has a lot of experience in the industry and holds a lot of knowledge. I was grateful for her to share so much of her experience with us.’
Phoebe McHugh // Researcher in Un-Scripted TV

‘Lucy is such a wealth of information and has an answer for every question. So informative, clear, understandable and gave me direction in areas where I didn’t even know there were areas! Lucy has been a real lightning bolt of positivity and influence since I discovered her this year and Bang2write has become one of my new favourite places to explore. Cannot recommend this course enough and will be joining on with others over the coming months. Amazing!’
Michael Brand // Writer, actor and filmmaker

Feedback for Script Reading with Lucy V Hay Spring 2022 (via Zoom)

‘I was glued to every word! She is extremely professional, the quality of the course is excellent but above all, she shares a lot more than just a professional knowledge. She digs deep inside the soul of writers, characters, film makers analysing different aspect, looking at different angles, bringing the surface of the film making industry which is really fascinating. I can’t recommend this course enough. Lucy shares so much about what she knows, that went well beyond my expectations. I have acquired solid foundations enabling me to start my own script reading/writing career with confidence.’
Laura Sironi // Copywriter

‘I liked the wealth of knowledge that Lucy imparts, and her down to earth can-do attitude. She’s inspiring, an injection of positive energy. It was an excellent workshop.’
Eimear Kilcullen // Screenwriter

‘A wealth of incisive content: clear, compelling, inspiring and real word stuff born of industry experience and a passionate writer/editor. Whether you want to be a script reader or you’re a screenwriter who wants to learn what script readers are looking for, take this course! It’s packed with shed loads of insight to show you how to avoid the pitfalls and make your work smash it.’
Steve Bookbinder // Writer/Director

‘Oh my gosh – where do I start – Lucy – was incredible – her knowledge, empathy, authenticity and absolute genuine interest in helping us succeed was paramount – the conversational style was refreshing – I’ve been on other courses where using the chat was banned unless the tutor asked a question and wanted an answer – not you guys! I took 30 pages of notes. Lucy is a powerhouse when it comes to knowing screencraft. Her empathetic style, energy and passion for her work hits you like an excited, non-lethal sledgehammer, with lasting results.’
Ellie Wallace // Novelist and screenwriter

‘This course was incredibly informative and thorough. I felt really comfortable in Lucy’s class and it was clear that she is extremely knowledgeable about this industry and also happy to share everything that she has learnt. We didn’t rush through any topics too fast and spent enough time on everything for me to feel like I was able to take it all in.’
Lucy Gibbs // Film student, screenwriter

Feedback for Script Reading with Lucy V Hay 2021 (via Zoom)

‘The course was very informative and in depth. Lucy has a well of knowledge. I also enjoyed how Lucy was expressive about real life issues and how this tied in with a career in writing and the media. Homework was set and that helped put the workshop into practice. There were amazing resources and networking opportunities divulged. Lucy was warm, supportive and genuine. It really helped to feel inspired and have faith in your self and your career. ’
Naveed Ahmed // Reader, Novelist and Screenwriter

‘The course contains a nice variety of topics about script reading and writing. Lucy went in depth in a lot of things with the right pace, so I never felt like I didn’t understand or missed something. One of the main things I learned to be a successful in script reading is about concept and target audience. It is also hosted by a very friendly group of people who were all very passionate about helping new people in the industry.’
Seamus Dignan // Screenwriter, Film student

‘This course under-promises and over-delivers. I have learnt so much over  two days which won’t just start off my career as a script reader but also improve the scripts I write. Lucy is so knowledgeable and she doesn’t just leave you at the end of the course she’s there for follow up afterwards. If you want to be a reader, a writer, or get a fascinating insight into how films work, this is the course for you. Finally, at the age of 54, I have found my people!’
Sharon Shepherd // Writer

‘Lucy’s very knowledgeable. The course was action packed. If it were a film, it would be Die Hard.’
Mohammed Tahir // Writer, Director

‘Lucy is an excellent teacher and speaker. Her enthusiasm is very inspiring. I got a lot of very useful information, tips and ideas to proceed with my stories and my carrier as a writer. And I like the pre-work and homework she gave us, that she will give us feedback on. So we have a first report to start with. Cool!’
Nathalie Wechsler-Seibel // Writer for TV, film, podcasts, books and multimedia

‘Lucy is both wise and candid, and extremely generous both with her knowledge and her time. She was able to steer the course to take account of each individual’s interests and questions and her feedback to us was always positive and constructive. This world of writing can often feel isolated and lonely, but from the offset Lucy made us collaborators, not competitors, so I now feel that I have not only a wealth of information, but a whole new attitude. All in all, this was a great course and I feel industry ready!’
Suzy Enoch // Screenwriter, Novelist, Actor, Director

‘I’ve read Lucy’s blog for years and always found her approachable and full of realistic, actionable advice. I’m happy to say that in person, she’s the same way. Lucy shared several ideas about who uses script readers and provided avenues for getting experience as a reader, which I found valuable.’
Valerie Kalfrin // Film critic, Screenwriter

‘This is an intense course that dives deeply into the world of script reading. It has given me a better understanding of what script readers for production companies and competitions are looking for from a screenplay.’
Natalie Holland // Screenwriter

‘The workshop was well paced, there were lots of helpful resources and tips offered and the script reading activities were engaging. Fun, informative and highly practical. A good mix of craft and industry insight.’
Genevra Fletcher // Screenwriter, Reader

‘All the information was valuable, pertinent and honest. I appreciate Lucy’s candid, straightforward approach.’
Erica Ruhe // Writer

‘Excellent quantity of information. Didn’t slog the basics but made the reasonable assumption that we were coming to this with something. TONS of very practical advice, actionable ideas. Lucy was very straight talking, well informed and had an experience of virtually any situation to recount. I can’t think of anyone better to learn from.’
Mary Took // Writer for play and film, short stories and novels

‘Lucy is no-bullshit about the industry and what’s expected. You get TRUTH! She’s so thorough and extensive in what she covers without missing the details. I loved that Lucy sent us scripts and documents too. Extra goodness!
Guy Lambert // Screenwriter and producer and script guy!

Feedback for Script Reading with Lucy V Hay 2020 (via Zoom)

Breaking into script reading.

‘Something just clicked and I realised exactly who I wanted to be as a reader and the best way to establish myself as such within the industry.
Gemma Deerfield, Screenwriter and reader @screenwriterfemme

‘Lucy has great stamina and personality. She manages to make an online experience just as engaging as a face-to-face event.’
Deborah Forbes, Screenwriter

‘Lucy V. Hay is a rock star. The course kept moving from topic to topic smoothly, and always the appropriate level of conversation and anecdote.’
Wyatt Lamoureux, Actor, screenwriter

‘It was great to receive so many insights and pointers of where to get work from, who to contact, and how to contact them. Fantastic course and I loved it. Thank you.’
Kath Kirkland, Novelist

‘This workshop surpassed anything I was expecting. Lucy is superhuman, she covered everything and more. Her explanations of every aspect of screenwriting and reading was above and beyond. There wasn’t a question she couldn’t answer and when she did answer questions, she expanded on every point. Lucy’s knowledge is incredible. The whole two days were amazing!’
Rosalind Winton, Screenwriter and Reader

‘A well structured and very informative course. Good value for money. Punctual start. Never felt silly asking something I did not understand. I might almost have learned more about screenwriting that during my MA! I am impressed about how the technology worked and that we can revisit the recordings afterwards. Also very impressed about the free resources we can access to improve and the post course feedback offer.’
Barbara Vonau, Screenwriter

‘Lucy’s incredibly extensive knowledge, her willingness to share it with others and the structure of the workshop (i.e. talks/Q&A’s/breaks), the overabundance of useful information (websites/books/names/movie titles) that was shared and the Zoom set-up all worked well.’
M. Jesselyn, Screenwriter

‘Lucy V Hay is an expert in her field. She gave us loads of practical advice, hacks and tips on all aspects of breaking into script reading and what to look for in screenplays. Plus – she is hilarious and a very genuine person.’
Gerardine Coyne, Screenwriter

‘Really clear with lots of examples. I was worried about glitches with technology but the team sorted out any potential problems extremely quickly. It was very well organised and Lucy answered all questions of participants. The pace was good for me and it is great that we get an exercise that will be marked by Lucy and plenty of time to do it too. Glad there was pre-course and mid course homework. Overall, very well structured and taught. Thanks, Lucy!’
Halida, Screenwriter

‘It was very conclusive, showing both sides of the gate: whether wishing to script read or getting a script ready for a reader, this leaves you better prepared for either.’
James Allen, Screenwriter

A woman giving a presentation to a group of people.

Feedback for Script Reading with Lucy V Hay 2018

‘In order to be a good writer you have to be a good READER! This course was full of great discussions on concept, characters and real conflict.  I’m happy that you guys bring in people who know what they’re talking about (that rarely happens anymore!)’.
Laura Goetz, Writer

‘Lucy is a really great trainer, she held my attention and interest all the way through.  I left both days feeling motivated and enthusiastic’.
Fiona Woof, Writer

‘I came for information into something I knew nothing about (Script Reading) and left with a comprehensive ‘How to..’ for a whole new job!  Plus practical ways to hugely improve my writing’.
Allie Croker, Actor & sometime Writer

‘Lucy is a fountain of script knowledge. I feel I have learnt more in two days that I did at University and now know what I want to do when I grow up!’.
Jo French, Production Manager, Writer

‘Understanding how script readers assess screenplays will save me months of work and tons of heartache. Lucy is a script reading Jedi!’.
Andrew Williamson, Writer

‘This course has been eye opening in terms of how the industry works and what readers look for. I have the confidence and clarity now to undertake the next step towards a career as a reader and writer’.
Chelsea Thompson, Writer

‘I came to the course thinking I was here to become a script reader, when I have found that it has further affirmed my love for screenwriting and that this is where my heart is’.
Lois Zoppi, Screenwriter & Theatre Critic

‘Lucy is brilliant, insightful, bombastic and approachable. I totally trust her views and will take on board her teachings; very knowledgeable and a cool woman!’.
Claire Teare, Script Reader

‘Lucy’s motivation, knowledge and no nonsense approach to this workshop was the kick up the butt I needed. Thank you!’
Jennifer Stemp, Writer

‘Lucy will change the way you read and write; this course is just as good value for writers as readers, and directors and producers too. Incredible value for money’.
Mischa Purnell, Aspiring Development Assistant & Filmmaker

‘Great workshop!  There is a lot of material that informs and supports the process of breaking into the script reading industry’.
Sam Humphreys, Actor & Writer

‘For me this class clearly knows why, as a screenwriter, you must read a lot and know what’s come before in order to break new ground’.
Sunny King, Filmmaker

A woman standing in front of a group of people.

Feedback for Script Reading with Lucy V Hay 2017

‘Lucy is hilarious, incisive and just plain brilliant…the arse-kicking superhero of screenwriting!’
Jade Syed-Bokhari, Filmmaker

‘As a writer I felt inspired and more sure of what was expected from my work.  As a potential script reader, I discovered that there was a lot I could do straight away to improve my ability, as well as the possibility of finding work’.
Bhairavi Patel, Writer/Script Supervisor

‘Lucy was great!  She’s one of my new heroes!’
Shabazz Graham, Filmmaker

‘Stimulating!  Fun!  Inspirational!’
Chris Lakeman Fraser, Filmmaker

‘A fantastic weekend packed with useful and actionable information from a script expert, I would highly recommend this course’.
Clare Wilcox, Screenwriter


‘I made a dozen brilliant connections with like-minded people and industry people who I hope will be invaluable in the future’.
Chris Sutcliffe, Writer

‘I now know exactly how to structure a report and what areas of it I need to improve on.  I also have more confidence in contacting industry professionals.
Alizee Musson, Writer

‘An engaging, interesting and exciting insight into a role I hadn’t realized was so important.’
Hannah Mark, Student

‘Lucy’s knowledge and energy is inspirational!’
Vera Mark, Writer

‘The course content really helped clarify what I need to do with my own scripts to make them stronger.  Also it revealed the logical stepping stones for career progression if you want to work in the script development/editing industry’.
Jennifer Kildee Murphy, Screenwriter

‘Wonderful to have two whole days out of your writing life to reconsider the story writing process.  It could change the way that I approach writing forever!’
Hannah Piekarz, Writer

‘After one day of learning from Lucy, I found my first company looking for readers!  This course is amazing – it does exactly what it says on the tin’.
Stuart Williams, Writer

‘Lucy Hay takes no prisoners! Never mind fast and furious, Lucy is faster and furiouser!’
Kerry Reynolds, Writer

‘Lucy is a powerhouse of energy and knowledge, very impressive!’
Natalie Ekberg, Screenwriter

‘Lucy’s excellent advice has really improved my understanding of what readers look for in a script, which will help massively as both a Script Reader and also a Writer’.
Simon Harper, Writer

‘I feel equipped with the tools to further pursue Script Reading and excited by the possibilities and opportunities ahead’.
Maddy Brook, Casting Assistant/Assistant Producer

‘I have found that learning what a reader is looking for has made me re-focus on making my own writing more ‘industry relevant’’.
Michael van Koetsveld, Writer/Director/Editor

‘Lucy knows her stuff and gives it to you damn straight.  But she also really cares about you and your baby – you’re in good hands!’
Declan Hill, Producer/Writer

‘Mind-opening weekend with great guests.  Lucy is a fabulous communicator and really knows her stuff.  If you haven’t taken this course – do it!’
Simon Wright, Producer

‘I wrote a micro-script on my way home after day one!’
Suzie Chadwick, Writer

‘It doesn’t matter who you are, this course gives you confidence that Script Reading/Editing can be a part of your future’.
Christopher Hewitt, Screenwriter/Director

‘I’m ready now! This course is the perfect stepping stone from university to the real world of film and television. Recommend!’
Elzbieta Kotze, Screenwriter

‘This was a really illuminating, fascinating two days. Lucy definitely knows her stuff, is clearly passionate about reading and explains everything in easy to understand terms’.
Nick Kirby, Screenwriter

‘I met loads a great and interesting people, it was a fantastic networking opportunity’.
Sarah Minchin, Screenwriter

A woman standing in front of a large group of people.

Feedback for Script Reading with Lucy V Hay 2016

‘Lucy Hay – Warrior Mom!’
Bryony Quigly, Writer

‘Awesome event that equips you to provide professional feedback and PASS-proof your own work. Great fun!’
Adam Spring, Writer & Director

‘A fabulous course that teaches you the essence of script reading and more about the industry.’
Lanna Hussain, Writer

‘I can highly recommend the course, as for an insight into the work of a script reader. Also helpful to writers beginning scriptwriting.’
Natalie Johal, Writer & Film maker

‘Not a PASS. Nor a CONSIDER. Definitely a RECOMMEND!’
Roberto Gomez Martin, Writer & Director

‘This is a NOT TO BE MISSED workshop for screenwriters and readers – novelists too, I think. I have learned so much this weekend and I am filled with optimism. Lucy is funny, extremely knowledgable, and blunt. No beating about the bush here. Superwomen!’
Valerie O’Doherty, Novelist & Screenwriter

‘Lucy is a Force of Nature!’
Elsa Evripidou, Writer & Producer

‘I’ve spent years explaining how English works by uncovering the ‘“why” behind the rules. This course has inspired me to do the same and make my writing better by understanding ‘“why” the stories work – from a reader’s, or even producer’s perspective.’
Phil Williams, Writer

‘Lucy is a hurricane of passion and explains the realities of screenwriting and reading, as well as how the industry works with refreshing clarity. Fantastic workshop for writers, readers and filmmakers.’
Dorothee Kuepers, Writer

‘A good kick up the arse!’
Claire Roy, Writer

‘A great opportunity for aspiring writers to see the mistakes that derail scripts and learn to avoid them.’
Nick Jackson, Writer

‘I didn’t realise how many opportunities and avenues there were for potential script readers until yesterday.’
Nick Harrison, Screenwriter

‘ This course had completely changed my ideas on how to give feedback, and what to look for with reader reports.’
Amy Livingstone, Writer & Librarian

‘I’ve  been to many courses/workshops that often undermine my insights as a writer, but Lucy – in a concise and constructive way – has informed me how to empower myself, produce the best work possible and GET IT SEEN!!! Learned more from Lucy’s weekend workshop than I did over the course of my degree. So, if you want to save £9000…’
Tahlia McKinnon, Writer

‘I came up with  a fabulous spontaneous short idea and got 3 people to join me in trying to make it, based on an off the cuff pitch in the tea break.’
Miranda Jane Sen, Screenwriter

‘Lucy’s weekend made me more aware of structure, than any previous studies.’
Ryan Hewitt, Writer

‘Being in the presence of such passionate and knowledgable speakers and delegates reinvigorated my own passion and determination to pursue my dreams.’
Clea Robinson, Reader

‘I love being able to go away from a course with a  lot of books to read, websites to visit, films to watch, and things to learn about. Thank You!’
Sarah Giles, Freelance writer & Copy-editor

‘This class felt like a family working together.’
Christine Reklaitis, Screenwriter & Reader

‘The whole idea that “ concept gets people through the door” of the cinema, and not characters, was a real eye-opener and one I can apply to my own work.’
Laila Murphy, Writer

‘This course is fantastically content rich – I’ve learned a lot in 2 days. Lucy’s encyclopaedic knowledge of every film ever made the course all the more engaging and relevant. Well done and thank you!’
Laura Baker, (wannabe) TV Script Editor

‘Lucy’s standing-room only workshops are everything you’d hope for and nothing you’d expect!’
Hunter Gibson, Writer

A woman is talking to a group of people.

Feedback for Script Reading with Lucy V Hay 2015

‘Absolutely recommend this course if you’re looking for insight from a professional who clearly knows the business.’
Hugo Alves, Writer/Director

‘This course not only helped me understand how to be a script reader, it showed me how to be a script writer who can connect to an audience. Great atmosphere, great knowledge and great contacts.’
Daemian Greaves, Filmmaker/Writer

‘The event allowed for real networking which led to potential career opportunities. Well worth the time, truly explores the nitty gritty of the job while preparing you to try it for yourself.’
Michael Jennings, Director/Filmmaker

‘This workshop has renewed my focus and motivation. I can’t imagine not having attended it – it’s that good!’
Rapinder Kaur, Screenwriter/Reader

‘I didn’t dare hope for this level of insight and support, I couldn’t be more psyched about my script reading career! I’ll be back!’
Lydia Palmese, Novelist

‘Lucy is AMAZING!’
Neil Elton, Filmmaker

‘Lucy is a total rock star, down to earth, fun but highly knowledgeable.’
Philip Lawrence, Writer

‘This course was amazing! Not only did I gain valuable insights but I left feeling motivated and inspired. I felt like Wonder Woman!’
Gannesh Rajah, Creative/Producer

‘Lucy is a driving force for improving script reading, and therefore script writing, in the UK.’
Andrew Williamson, Writer

‘Potential Script Readers can’t afford to not attend this course. Lucy gives a great but realistic view of the script reading/editing world whilst providing useful screenwriting advice. 2 for the price of 1. Thank you!’
Bren Sanders, Writer

‘The course has gone over and above my expectations. It has been a real shot in the arm for my creativity.’
Dan Cassell, Screenwriter

‘I have found my USP – thanks. You will see the results on screen!’
Beverley Cooper-Chambers, Writer/Producer

‘You have given me the tools to go on another adventure, alongside the writing and filmmaking adventures I am also undertaking and enjoying. Great value for money!’
Penny O’Shaughnessy, Writer/Script Reader

‘I wish I had half of Lucy’s energy and knowledge of films – fantastic!’
Dee Sidlo, Writer

‘Lucy is an exceptional presenter, and has shared her passion with clarity and fizz. Bravo!’
Paul Draper, Writer

‘Kickstarted my confidence and provided impetus to stop ‘hi-jacking’ my own scripts.’
Peter Barker, Writer

‘Amazing networking has given me new ideas and increased motivation. Thanks!’
John Sheldon, Screenwriter

‘Lucy really knows her stuff – gritty, frank and blunt – but always fair. I really respect her integrity.’
Jane Campion Hoye, Actor/Writer

‘I recommend this course to all writers/readers and filmmakers for the networking opportunities as well as the in-depth knowledge surrounding script development.’
Ruth Trippitt, Script Researcher

‘I am now determined to strengthen my relationships with my filmmaker friends, to form a team to actually get things done! This course has clarified a lot of questions I had in my own screenwriting about genre and structure, and I already feel more confident in my writing.’
Vera Juliusdottir, Writer/Director

‘Lucy gives a compelling and informative insight into the processes of a Script Reader.’
Daniel Gage, Editor/Aspiring Writer

‘The sheer enthusiasm and energy of the speakers really inspired me to take the plunge and make my dreams come true. Writing can be a very solitary and draining experience and the workshop really made you want to have fun with it and MAKE IT HAPPEN!’
Violet Macdonald, Writer

‘Big thanks to Lucy Hay and Chris Jones for leading the charge on film professionals working together rather than viewing others as competition. I LOVE that positive spirit!’
Mary Albanese, Writer